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How does "WCM Royalties and Referral Sales work?
If a surfer signs up to the Trusted Members area, you get $35 per sign up or 60 percent of the sale price including all recurring for the entire time of the membership. You can also use the CCBILL tracking code on your sites to refer new webmasters for a 15 percent of their entire sales paid to you for life for being a partner.

How does that work?
A code is embedded on your site so that when a surfer clicks on your linking code he is sent to our website and then the CCBILL join page, the CCBILL script uniquely identifies that person came from your link or site.

To make all this happen, you have to first become a WCM Partner by signing up. You will be given the exact affiliate code by CCBILL. Then set the CCBILL affiliate cookie on our site.

Payment checks to WCM Partners are sent out once per week, but they have to be at least $25. If your account is under $25, it will continue to accumulate until it is over $25, then you will be issued a check. CCBILL deducts a fee equal to the postage amount for each check sent to a WCM Partner. Checks are mailed out on Wednesdays. Pay periods are from Monday to Sunday. And there is an additional one week delay in paying for a given week.

When you create your account be sure to enter your address correctly so that payment checks can reach you.

WebCashMaker Royalty / Webmaster Referral Sign up
- $35 Pay Per Sign Up.
- 60% on all sales and rebills, for life!
- 15% Webmaster Referral
- Secure processing through CCBILL
- Exclusive content for better conversion ratios!
- Fast support!

WCM wants YOU to share in any money made from the sales to our websites !

- Make income from your own website by sending us traffic
- Trade traffic with our sites

Thanks so much for becoming a Partner and helping out !