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Your visitors will get fresh content. Our Hosted TGP / IFrame provides your site with fresh TGP content, that is rotated daily. You earn revenue just by running the Hosted TGP / IFrame on your website and by making sales through the galleries.

The Hosted TGP / IFrame is fully customizable to fit the look and design of your website. You can signup and place the code within minutes with the default settings. We provide color pallette generators, different thumb sizes and descriptions.

Sample TGP/Iframe:
Template List
Action Type Name Description
Edit   Delete text template01 1
Edit   Delete thumbs template01 1
Edit   Delete text template02 1
Edit   Delete text template03 1
Edit   Delete text template04 1
Edit   Delete thumbs template04 1
Edit   Delete text template06 1

Select template type : (Choose your template type to create a new one)